Guest Book


I had a great time with you guys and I will always remember the Lazzeroni. I will see you soon again for doves.
Charlie Weddicombe – Montana, USA

I had a dream to hunt red stag but the dream was beyond all expectations when I met all of you and experience the hospitality and family atmosphere that you offer here. It was the first place I’ve ever hunted at and all of you go the extra many miles to make you feel welcome. Acelain is the most beautiful estate I have ever seen. The food was behind good, it was exceptional. I now know why many people return and I will join that group very soon. Bringing my girlfriend Debby made the trip even more special, being her first hunting trip with me. All of you will always be in my memories of this fantastic trip.
I started hunting with a guide and acquired a friend. Being with you hunting was the best hunting I’ve experienced. I learned so much and saw so many beautiful animals. If this was a top list of fun guides you would be on top in my opinion. The animals I acquired were very, very nice trophies and that was beyond my expectations. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Darrell Beckwith - Missoula, Montana, USA

Thank you for your hospitality. You showed us the accommodations are 5-Star also the food. I tried a lot of different things hadn’t before. The hunt was one of the best hunts ever. It will be in our memories for the rest of our lives. We met as strangers and have left as friends. The tour to the Castle was very impressive. Hope to see you back real soon.
Ron & Donna Kelley - Vinita, Oklahoma, USA
John Woodard - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Thank you so much for your hospitality! I had a wonderful time on my first ever hunting trip. The guide was so patient with me as we were trekking through the grass and over the hills and around the rocks! It was quite an adventure, one I will always remember. Learning about life in Argentina was fun, too and the food was a gourmet delight! We ate so well. I am glad I took so many pictures and I cannot wait to share all my stories with my family and friends.
Debby Vande Ven - Missoula, Montana, USA

The estancia is extraordinary and we are truly thrilled that our first trip to Argentina was highlighted by this experience. Ron´s hunt went well and my time here was a treat! You have a “prized” staff and a lovely family both of which we hope to enjoy again. Thank you for being a part of making this trip one of the best we have ever experienced. Fondly.
Loretta & Ron Mulson – Upstate New York, USA

I had one of the best times in my hunting life here in Argentina. My wife enjoyed the hunt as much as I did. We saw huge numbers of animals. The food was amazing and the scene has no comparison. Everything was excellent. I look forward to hunting with you guys again. Everything will be remembered fondly.
Diego & Lorena Gonzalez – Albuquerque, USA + El Salvador & Costa Rica

From start to finish our first trip to Argentina has been a great experience. From our first meeting at SCI in 2008 to organize the hunting expeditions and Juan organizing our trip to the falls and site-seeing in Buenos Aires. I don’t think things could have been smoother. Gonzalo, you asked us at dinner if you had meet our expectations and since this was our first trip to Argentina we really had none but … if we would have had them, they would have been meet and exceeded. Your county is beautiful, your hunting properties and facilities are great and your staff … I love how they are always smiling and happy. And who “would – a – think – it” come all the way here, to Acelain, look at your guest book and know people in it! (Ken Swaim & Rick Felts) Thank you for sharing your family with us. You have great kids and are lucky to have Marina to keep you in line. But I have to say, as much as I enjoyed the hunting (and the horses and “the more-up”) being here at Acelain, seeing the grounds and castle and learning some history has been my favorite since I always say “I love old stuff”. Thanks for everything.
Sue Fogle – Colville, Washington, USA

A Moorish castle and a lovely wonderful German designed park; a water buffalo and many birds! Lots of pleasure and marvelous memories! Heartfelt thanks for your friendly and generous welcome.
Aimery Langlais – Geneve Switzerland

 Great hunt! Wonderful guides & great friends. Darren Casey – TX

 Nancy and myself cannot thank you and the entire staff for one of the most memorable trips of our life. We hope that you will, someday, join us in New York so that we may return the hospitality. Your friends.
Henry & Nancy Ruella - Red Hook, New York

 Thank you, we had a wonderful trip! Your hospitality is beyond what we could have ever imagined. Thank you for opening your home to us, we look forward to returning. The hunt was rough and the game so wonderful that met every expectation. Though the luck of knowledge of your language was a concern of ours, it proved not to be a problem. Smiles are the same in every language as well as laughter and both of them were very plentiful. Jim and Lisa Ross - Red Hook, New York

 Thank you very much for making my experience for a “non-hunter” wonderful, friendly and comfortable. We loved riding horses and to see the ranch that way. It was a great experience. The staff, service and food was better than any 5 Star hotel. You should be very proud.
Patia Pearson

 We are grateful for the special time. The moment we entered the property we knew we were someplace special. The gauchos, the house, the Cheff kept us in a world we’ve never been when hunting. Horseback hunting was magnificent and the trophies will find no duplicate. The chances we have to make someone feel special is forever and everybody here has done that. SCI should be proud of you.
Gene Muse MD

  Truly amazing is the only way for our family to describe our stay. Thank you for your hospitality. The staff was amazing. I am truly touched by the way each of you have cared for our family. William & Joseph cannot wait to come back. Daniel had an amazing birthday and will be back to finish his diamond. My husband enjoyed the ducks and my mother also did. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Much love.
Elizabeth, Edward, Daniel, Joseph & William “The Campbells” - New Orleans, Louisiana

Thank you for a great trip. Not only the hunt but the wonderful tour to the Castle. I could love to bring my wife back. Thanks for the wonderful service of all the staff.
Breadly Farlow. October 2007

We have never enjoyed ourselves so much. Thank you so much for a great time. Your ranches are beautiful. We have never enjoyed ourselves so much. Argentina is such a beautiful country. Your staff did a wonderful job. They are great people. We look forward to doing this again. Good hunting.
Tom & Jennifer Sainsbury. Sugar City, Idazo. March 2007

The time I had with you in Argentina was great. Thanks for a great time. The food was good, the company good and the hunting good. The time I had with you in Argentina was great. If you or your family ever get to Montana, the favor will be returned. Your friend.
Chuck Widdicombe. Billings, Montana. March 2007

I will miss you all and hope to see you again. Leaving is difficult. The entire experience has been fantastic, all adventure from start to finish. I have enjoyed every moment, let us not forget the moment. Enjoy the adventure of the present! I will see you all again my friends! Thanks to you all.
Travis Stortz. Montana. April 2007

Gonzalo, what a great place, truly one of a kind. It should be on the list of "10 Places to see before you die"!. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay and hunt. We wish you the best in the future. We know you will miss the girls as they are going to America with us!!!. Great staff. Great time. Good huntings & Happy trails.
Riley Barnes. Lake Powell, Arizona. May 2007

Thank you for a marvelous Argentine experience. Everything was first class -the accommodations, food, hunting and service-. It was truly the epitome of  sophistication and class. Thanks again for a memorable hunting experience.
Michael & Tanza Reynolds. Scattsdale, Arizona. May 2007

Thank you for a wonderful hunting experience. Everything was perfect, the food, accommodations and service. Steve truly enjoyed stalking his Blackbuck. It´s a great trophy Blackbuck. Rory enjoyed it all. Beth and I loved the horseback riding. A totally relaxing trip for us. Sorry I lost my passport but your efforts to locate it were impressive. And you finally did!!! Thank you again for a wonderful time. If you are ever in the USA -near Pennsylvania-  we welcome you.
Steve & Patzy Metzger. Rory & Beth McKean

Total 8 animals. Loved the adventure, the scenery and the company!. Gonzalo & Co. Was terrific!. Would recommend to any hunting lover.
Mike Ziegler & Teresa Jones - USA

This was my first trip to Argentina and hopefully it won´t by my last. My hunting was better than I expected. I took some very good trophies, the puma and second boar were the best. The axis will be my prize trophy from here. You have a wonderful staff. See you again soon with my son.
Blacky Landerville - Minnesota, USA

Thanks very much for an excellent vacation and for several outstanding hunts. Your accommodations were excellent as well as your guides, gauchos and staff. Your are very welcome to visit us in Arizona with your family any time. We look forward to seeing you again.
Kathleen, Steve, Kate & Connor Mc Clain. Arizona, USA

To say thank you for providing us a wonderful hunt and wonderful experience at the ranch is not enough. The English language lacks the words to express our true fillings. You have not only provided the highest quality hunting but you have allowed us to become a part of your family, and you and your family have become a part of ours. In addition, to the hunting, we enjoyed sharing your father´s birthday, visiting with your parents and of course, providing polo instruction. Your efforts far exceeded our expectations. Your history, much of which is displayed in the Castle is something that commands distinction and your abilities in the field lacks nothing. Every time, from now forward, that we have a mate, look at the game mounts on the wall or hear the word "Argentina" we shall think of you. You and your family are most welcome at our home in Montana anytime and it would be an honor to return some of the favors we owe you. May your hunting career continue to be great, may your family always be in good health and may happiness find its way to your home continually.
Rusty Rokita - Montana, USA

We saw and experienced this beautiful ranch. We rode over much of it on horseback and we were also impressed by the large population of game animals on the ranch. My wife successfully hunted for axis and red deer. These also completed her Diamond Level Inner Circle in SCI Awards Program. My impressions of the ranch are of how much the land reminds me of where we leave, in Montana. We enjoyed excellent meals and the pick-nick at the cabin by the lake was very special. I wanted to try fishing and was able to catch $ release three beautiful rainbow trout in a few minutes. This trip makes our fifth to Argentina and it is going to be one of our finest memories.
Bill & Virginia Stratton - Roberts, Montana, USA

Thank you of for the wonderful hospitality and great hunting. We hope to come here often during our lives. This was the best hunting and lodging experience we ´ve had anywhere in the world. Great health and prosperity to your wife, children and of course yourself. Take good care of Juan and the boys as we look forward to seeing them again. God bless you all.
Dwight  Brannon, Doug, Todd, Colleen, Connie & Tai. "The Brannon Family" - Dayton, Ohio, USA

We want to let everybody know how much of a great time we had at the ranch.  The staff and food were excellent and the accommodations superb. We took Buffalo, Axis, Fallow, Puma, Collared Peccary and Capybara. Thanks for all.
Jim White. President SCI Oklahoma Station Chapter

Thank you so much for allowing me the very special opportunity to hunt with you. My stay has given me many incredible memories. A fine 14 point stag, a nice fallow deer and a 21" plus blackbuck. What a wonderful place & fantastic people! Thanks again.
Ron Hugo - Wisconsin, USA

What an experience! The memories of the game, the hunt, and the people I have met here will stay with me forever. I hope to return again.
Eric Johnson - Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

I´m truly a lucky man. I have a great wife, a great family, and great partners and friends. And now... I´ve had one of the greatest experiences of my life. Estancia Acelain is out of this world. A fantasy land. The beauty is outstanding and the history is fascinating. Then, there is Gonzalo & Cerro Indio. This is one of the finest hunting operations anywhere in the world. Perhaps the finest. The hunting areas are excellent, offering a diversity in scenery, habitat, and game animals. The different species are plentiful, unique and of great quality. But it is the hunting experience provided by Gonzalo and Marina that is special. I´ve never encountered a staff so happy and willing to assist. They see to your every need and make you feel as one of them. I´ve never been so comfortable in my hunting life.  Poli and his sons were delightful and so efficient. They are very good at what they do because they obviously enjoy it. Gonzalo and Eber are great hunters and even better companions. Our hunts together were simply wonderful, but the discussions over dinner were very entertaining, informational, and thought provoking. I´m proud to say these men are now my friends and I value their friendship profoundly. Suffice it to say, in the words of Arnold Schwartzenegger, "I will be back".
Skip Erikson - Glasgow, Montana, USA

This was truly the best time I´ve had at a "Hunting Camp". You were always cheerful and smiling and a good sense of humor. You did everything to make our stay perfect. The accommodations were far above anything I expected. The staff were excellent and seemed happy to be there. Saying food was outstanding would not be a high enough compliment. Your hunting staff, "the boys", always went out of their way to make you feel comfortable and all of you worked as a team. I wanted to hunt wild boar, collared peccary and if time shoot just a few doves and maybe a blackbuck. I was able to get all I wanted and was lucky enough to take a huge one. Please all of you take care so I can come again with my wife, she would love it. This was fantastic.
Mike Buesing - Oakdale, Minnesota, USA

Thank you very much for a vacation and hunt I will never forget. I love Argentina, and you have made it even more special than I remembered from my previous visit to such a wonderful place. I cannot describe my emotions when I think back on all the experiences we have shared during the past ten days. The puma, the Pere David deer are my favorites. I look forward to my next visit.
Larry Jackson - USA

I have hunted in many countries, many camps and never have I been treated as nice. "Camp", people, everything is Top Notch. I will remember this trip forever. After spending only eight days here I feel at home. Hopefully we will remain friends.
Jerry Ludemann - Smiley, USA

I had a great time this was the first of hopefully many trips but the next time I will bring my bow.
Klint Siemsen – Montana, USA

A great hunt, all hands excellent. Lots of game, maybe I will see you again.
Gene Peterson - Helena, Montana, USA

Thanks for a good time and the great food.
Bernie Mignon - USA

Thanks so much for a wonderful hunt at both ranches. Steve and I had a most enjoyable time and will be back to do it all over again. What an experience to hear and watch the fallow deer during their rut. I loved being able to get a buffalo. The guys really enjoyed the wing shooting. Dear friends we will return!
Rhonda & Steve Tylinski - Cascade, Montana, USA

Thank you for an exceptional time. The location is breathtaking, the accommodations terrific and the service fantastic. The staff attended at our every need with smiles. The men all enjoyed successful hunts. We enjoyed the tour to the castle and the horseback tour as well.
It was a special pleasure to meet your family at the Sunday’s barbeque. Also many thanks for arranging all our travel needs. The birds were incredible as well as the fishing. This was a terrific trip and we would recommend it highly.
Patty & Bruce Shueler – California,  USA
Allan & Andrew Ludwig – California, USA

Excellent hunting as usual. Cerro Indio Safaris is certainly the best hunting company in Argentina today. Merci beaucoup.
Eric de Lucy – Martinique

We have read the whole week through your guest book and have wondered what we could write that would be different from what all your other guests have been saying! But no matter how hard we tried, how do you top “perfect”? It was our first trip to Argentina but hopefully the first of many! We came as strangers and we feel that we are leaving as friends. You made us feel welcome, provided us with excellent accommodations, 5 stars cooking, nothing but professional and friendly service and great hunting! Thank you for everything. Our stay with you was a wonderful experience. Auf wiedersehen!.
Bob & Jutta Peterson – Browning, Montana USA and Nannhansen, Germany

Veni, vide, hunt-ee. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Eric Skrmetta

I will have many memories I will carry for my life time. Your different hunting properties are all unique and full of game. We are very happy we choose Cerro Indio for our first trip to Argentina. You and your staff have been great hosts. You kept the food and “Quilmes” my favorite beer flowing. Your family estancia Acelain is a wonderful piece of history. I enjoyed the time with your kids and wife. Chasing pigs on horseback with dogs and knives was first!.
Rod Fogle – Colville, Washington, USA

What a wonderful experience. Cerro Indio was definitely the right choice for this trip to Argentina. The guesthouse is excellent, full of history and yet so comfortable. The staff was awesome, so caring and so helpful. The Cheff did an amazing job. All of the meals were so good! I am very pleased with my trophies with the buffalo being a great adventure and the boar hunting in such a closed environment made it a unique experience. Of course the boar hunt on horseback with dogs and knives was an added bonus. Thank you. Touring the castle and learning of your family history was enjoyable and educational. This added to the success of our trip. Again, thank you for everything. This trip has memories that will last a lifetime.
Tom & Glenda Martin – Cave Creek, AZ, USA

 What a fantastic hunt! Beautiful place and wonderful people.
Todd E. Gardner, MD - North Carolina

 Thank you for such a wonderful hunting and cultural experience. I have enjoyed every day of my stay in Argentina. To arrive as hunters and leaving as very good friends is best of all.
C.T Ripley - Huntley, Montana

 Thank you so much for a memorable experience. We had such a wonderful time and the reason was the people involved. We hope to return sometime in the future and if you are ever in New York we would like you to stop by.
Michael & Linda Ruella - Red Hook, New York

 Thank you for the great hunt and language lessons in Spanish. I am thankful that I got to come to Cerro Indio and met my new friends. I had many great laughs and a good time playing Polo.
Craig Ripley - Billings, Montana

 May we extend our heartfelt thanks for making our first trip to Argentina an experience to remember for a lifetime. Your assistance organizing our shopping tour and tango adventure in Buenos Aires is very much appreciated. We will also always remember the visit to your family’s treasure Estancia Acelain. The quality of the hunting experience we had pursuing the buffalo, red deer and blackbuck were of the highest degree. We hate we have to say “Adios”. Now you have another set of friends in Montana. The gate is always open.
Dan & Glenda Anderson - Billings, Montana

  This vacation I had with my family this summer was the best experience I ever had. Your hospitality and kindness was above and beyond my expectations. You made this vacation unforgettable.
Daniel Campbell – New Orleans, Louisiana

  What a great hunt, food, people. I will be back.
Barry Bowman - Greenwood Village, Colorado

Had a wonderful trip. Five stars accommodations. Food was out of this world. The buffalo hunt will be remembered as over the top exciting. Making plans for future wing shooting and bowhunt. Thanks again for these memorable days.
Your friend. Philip Case. October 2007

Only Cerro Indio could meet all requirements. Al and I didn´t have to think very hard about where to spend our 50th anniversary vacation. Only Cerro Indio could meet all the requirements and after three years it was hard to wait to return. We loved the winter season three years ago but to be here in autumn is more beautiful. The natural beauty is a wonderful background for the hospitality and warmth of the extended family and staff. Al and I are truly blessed to know you and will leave with precious memories. Mil gracias & love.
Al & Ivonne Thanhauser.
Riverdale, N.Y. March 2007

Many, many thanks for a wonderful experience. The hunting exceeded what we ever expected. Your whole staff, everyone, was a joy to experience, so thoughtful and so polite. So everything, the hunting, the lodges, the food, the staff was simply excellent. But the best part was the friendship you both shared with us and letting us join your family and sharing your Easter with you. The trophies will be cherished but not nearly as much as the memory.
David and Maryan Paulus. Wisconsin. April 2007

My husband, daughter, son in law and myself are thrilled we bought this hunt. It has truly been a memory making, once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us. The hunting was enjoyable. The mounts will make us smile many times in Arizona. Again, our deepest gratitude for your excellent hospitality. We loved the Castle tour!, and our accommodations were truly superb and comfortable- some of the best we´ve had in our international hunts! We will never forget you. May the Lord bless on you.
Terri Barnes. Lake Powell, Arizona. May 2007

Thank you for a most wonderful experience!. I can´t speak for the men, but I felt like a "princess", surrounded by such warmth, hospitality and gracious family. Sharig Good Friday and Easter services with you will always be a special memory for us. Both ranches have their own personality of excitement and history. The hunting far exceed our expectances. The amount of game at Cerro Colorado is truly amazing. Straight shooting and continued success. Your friends.
Steve and Sue Taylor. Appletown, Wisconsin. April 2007

We thought we had a beautiful ranch until we had the opportunity to see yours. We thought we had a lot of animals until we saw all the animals at both places. We were treated very well by you and your staff, gained ten pounds and got some beautiful trophies. We wish you and your family and staff the best of luck. Thank you for taking such good care of us in Argentina.
Bill & Linda Brake. Rose Tree Ranch - Elgin, Wisconsin. June 2007

Thank you for making this a memorable safari. The full gallop hunt for the peccary and the wild boar were a real event in my hunting career. It was a wonder I did not fall from the horse!. The trip to the mountains was again a great event. I have not seen so many good stags all together, although I have hunted New Zealand. The peccary and wild boar will have a place of distinction in my Montana trophy room. Again thank you for a great and 5 stars stay. Maria put pounds on my frame. Great going on tough coming off. In the event you travel to Montana, you are always welcome at home.
Judith & Virgil Binkley - Townsend, Montana, USA

We came to Cerro Indio to hunt and visit your wonderful Argentina and to experience a new culture. What we take home is a deep and profound love of your family, your staff and the wonderful memories of these past two weeks. Your great grandfather, grandfather and parents should so proud of what you and Marina have accomplished. With your spirit and drive to be the best, the children will be inspired to continue the tradition and heritage of your family name. Everyone has made us feel as family. Never in our world travels have we felt more welcome. May God bless this home and be over you.
Al Burlando - New Jersey, USA

You have a beautiful place and quality game. I much appreciate your patience  with me, Rusty said all I feel in my heart with much better words. Thank you. Also it was special to meet Marina and visit and shop. She is a wonderful woman. Your staff both in the field and in the house is very good and we appreciate all they did to make our stay comfortable and our hunt successful. I do wish to come back with practice and my own gun to try a longer shot at a trophy blackbuck. I will always have wonderful memories of our stay with you and the country of Argentina. God bless you and your family.
Deborah Rokita - Montana, USA

Our first trip to Argentina has been shared with wonderful people and a special family. Your country, its landscape, its history and its future is in great hands with a family as wonderful as yours. May God give you all that you both desire. Gonzalo you have been blessed with this wonderful gift that your grandfather began. The seeds that were planted, today are shared by many, but the  greatest seed that was planted are the memories that have been shared by many. I am certain that your grandfather looks down on you every day and is proud of what you have accomplished with your family and skills on this special soil. As for the hunting, I have hunted since I was seven years old, never have I had such a dense population of game. This is a great ranch, a great country, thank you for allowing us to enjoy it. Gonzalo, not many men on this earth will ever have both happiness and success at the same time. You are a very successful man you have both now. May God bless you and your family.
Elaine & Vito Cardinale. Outdoor Yellow Pages President. Brooklyn, New York, USA

Being my first hunting trip to Argentina, I will go back home to Wisconsin with nothing but great memories, beautiful trophies and a desire to come back again for another fabulous hunting experience. The abundance of quality game animals was staggering and the scenery beautiful. I thought the accommodations were very, very comfortable as well as picturesque, both inside and out. Spending time with old friends and making new ones in such an exceptional establishment made the entire adventure priceless. Thank you for everything.
Jack Doemel - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, adventure and great food. The hunting was an experience of a lifetime. Thanks again for everything.
Marsh & Trice Pearson Andover, Minnesota, USA. Mitch & Kim Ammerman, Scandia, Minnesota, USA

You all have made me feel so welcome and at home in your beautiful paradise, in Argentina. Your country is so beautiful and I will never, ever forget all of you. Especially Juanita, Marina and Iñaki. I felt so good to be around children. You are so beautiful and loving. I hope someday soon to see all you again, hopefully at our home in New Jersey. May God bless you and protect you all. Good luck and much success.
Joyce Burlando - New Jersey, USA

This is my second visit to Cerro Indio and it was the most wonderful experience of my hunting in Argentina or the United States and Africa. To get my Diamond was a dream fulfilled. Your staff of dedicated people are extremely gifted and made my stay unforgettable. Michael Matrisciani and I will long remember the wonderful nights hunting under the stars. We felt honored to be called your friends and look forward to returning with new friends again to Cerro Indio.
Albert Burlando - New Jersey, USA. Michael Matrisciani - NYC, USA

Thank you. Its been a great time with many memories to remember. Great  hunting, people fun & food. Look to see you again.
Larry Perdue - Oklahoma, USA

Gracias, Gracias, Gracias. Everything was "magnífico", five stars quality plus. Now we truly understand the phrase "mi casa es su casa". Not only we did enrich our home with some more beautiful trophies but we leave much richer in having made friends with a wonderful family. Stay happy, healthy and enjoy life in such a beautiful county. We'll be back!
Joel & Wanda Ritter - USA

We arrived as hunters and we leave as friends. Your home became our home for ten wonderful days. The people of Argentina are happy, cheerful, and fun to be around. Everybody did their appointed duties always with a smile. We will come back some day with our wives. The food was fabulous as I have gained 10 Lbs. at least. Last but not least the hunts were exciting, challenging, and totally awesome. Again thank you for your very generous SCI donation. Without generous outfitters like you, I would not be able to hunt over the world. God bless you and your lovely family.
Carl Catania - Oklahoma, USA

Thank you for the great hunting! When hunters are looking for a world class experience "This is it". Your hunting lodge is excellent and your team of support is as good as it gets. I will always remember my time here and. I will tell others. Thank you.
Richard Robokopff - Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

This is my second safari with you and again I had another great time. I got my Puma last day, last hour.
Jack Aschinger - USA