Professional Hunter, Gonzalo Llambi, founder and owner of Cerro Indio Safaris is pleased to announce the 18th anniversary of his safari company. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the entire staff agreed that Gonzalo's decision to add a new crown jewel venue to the already highest quality hunting and fishing provided in Argentina was an excellent idea.

Thus, Cerro Indio Safaris is proud to announce that it is now providing first quality hunting and fishing in the neighboring country of Chile, high up in the Andes Mountains. An agreement has been reached on property that was a former logging camp in the unspoiled, breathtaking Araucania region of Southern Chile; allowing Cerro Indio Safaris to provide its clients with the following adventures for the first time.

Guests may now hunt for trophy Red Stag and Fallow Deer along with Wild Boars in this paradise of the Andes. If you prefer to fish, Rainbow Trout is wildly available in the streams that run down from the melting snows high up in these world renowned mountains. Cerro Indio clients can now hunt and fish in the two countries which comprise the largest land area of South America.

Much water has gone under the bridge since Cerro Indio started nearly two decades ago as a primarily rifle safari company. However, management has always kept up-to-date with changes in the hunting industry and considers itself the most experienced and reliable company in South America for archery outfitting with both traditional and compound bow. Bow hunters obtain excellent success rates along with rifle hunters.

For the bird hunting enthusiasts, Cerro Indio continues to offer outstanding hunting venues strictly under their control and operation. The company has both, Duck and Partridge shooting, as well as complimentary Dove and Pigeon shooting in the province of Buenos Aires.

In the beautiful northern province of Santiago del Estero the company offers the high volume wing shooting that Argentina is so famous for. In addition Dorado fly fishing is available in the unexplored pristine streams of the area. This provides an excellent opportunity for anglers to fish for one of the most sporting fresh water fish in the world.

While Cerro Indio Safaris now maintains operations in two different South American countries, the most popular destination is Acelain, the immense family owned Estancia, founded in 1902 by Gonzalo's great grandfather, Don Enrique Larreta.  Seņor Larreta was a famous writer who envisioned the creation of a fantastic heaven in the rolling hills of the Pampas.

Come share the amazing experiences which lead world famous author Patricia Shultz to include Acelain in her best selling book "1000 Places to See Before You Die."