Guest Book


Every time Joyce and I come, you and your family make us feel like we belong here. This year hunting stags in the roar has been an experience that I wish more hunters could experience. Also having lunch with your extended family was a great send off. Joyce and I will be back again!. Thanks again.
Mike & Joyce Christianson
SCI Vice President 2010 - 2011

Thank you. The week was very enjoyable, the hunting was awesome as well as the food. I will be back to get revenge on the fallow deer.
Randy Cooling - USA

This was our first time in Argentina and it has been a cultural experience as much as it has been a hunting trip. We learned a great deal about Argentina and it’s people while here. The hunt has been great even we had warmer than normal weather. We will remember the hunting always! The castle and the lodge are awesome. The artifacts and history these places hold are priceless! It is very awe inspiring! Thank you again for a wonderful experience. We will forever remember this hunt. Thank you. “Gracias”.
Jon Syverson – Minnesota, USA

Thank you very much for a great adventure with a lot of animals and birds. Good food and staff. I also enjoyed my guide very much as he was so attentive to an old man.
Gary Smith – USA

We had a great time hunting here. The stags were very tough to get. A great challenge!
Todd Pulkrabek – USA

We had an amazing trip! This has been one of my favorite trips ever. The hospitality is second to none, the food has been incredible and Gonzalo & Juan have been the best hosts.
Sara Revelle – Winton, North Carolina, USA

We had a great time in Argentina. The hospitality was wonderful, the food was amazing. Hunting exceeded our expectations with many highlights, I could write a book.
Pat & Brandie Garret - Alberta, Canada

 My hunting experience with you was very enriching. I very much enjoyed your company and the guiding was excellent. Everything was even beyond my highest expectations. A beautiful place to hunt, it was more than I could have hoped for with the high number of animals and species. I am sure this adventure will make an excellent show.
Dan Bantley - Trout Creek, Montana - Host Taxidermy Trails TV Show

We cannot begin to tell how much we have enjoyed your stay here with all of you. We took a gamble in our first hunting adventure out of the states and … Boy, what a playoff! The hunting was incredible, even for the non hunters, the food was awesome and the people were truly amazing. We definitely plan on visiting again. Thank you for everything.
Jerry, Sue & Sam Hellebush – Washington

 Thanks so much for a wonderful hunt and vacation. We are truly blessed to be able to share this wonderful place with all of you. Everything was exceptional. No doubt Connie and I will have lasting memories of our few days we spent with all of you here in your paradise. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Mark & Connie Buehrer. March 2007

 Thank you for a wonderful experience here in Argentina. Both ranches are beautiful with many worthwhile animals. You should be very proud of the staff service at both locations since they really add to the total package. I have never been on a hunt where I have eaten so much food. I also want to thank you and the gauchos for making it possible for me to take my Puma with bow. I look forward to returning soon to try for an Axis deer and Blackbuck. I will also let all of my hunting friends know about my experiences in Argentina in general and Cerro Indio in particular. I will convince them to come here in the near future. Thanks again.
Bill Wright. Florida. June 2007

 This was my second trip to your camp, and had a better time than the first. The buffalo, blackbuck and the ducks were my best trophies. The dorset and Scottish black face rams and the fallow deer were also nice. This was more of a vacation for me and to visit my friends here at the ranch. I had a great trip with Blacky and would have been better if his son Al would have been here. I will return soon. As always the whole camp staff was great.
Eric Meredith - St. Francis, Minnesota, USA

 May 22nd. My 50th birthday and I was fortunate enough to spend it with my wife Valerie, Mike and Joyce Christianson as well as Gonzalo and his wonderful team. We have hunted throughout North America, Africa and South America. The hunting opportunities he has developed are equal to the best. If you have not hunted Cerro Indio, go soon.
Robert & Valerie Brandau. New Port Rickey. Florida, USA

 Thank your for making our trip to Cerro Indio, in Argentina such a wonderful experience. Your family is very special. We really enjoyed hunting. Gonzalo and Eber, Poli, his sons, and also Tito were very helpful. Julian was very proud to get the South American Diamond with bow. He is also proud of the gaucho hat Poli gave him. Thank you to all of your house staff, they made our stay very pleasant. Your hunting operation is the best we´ve ever experienced with beautiful scenery and great animals.
Julian & Diane Nicholson - Idaho, USA

 This ranch is quite the place!. We have enjoyed every minute of our stay, the staff, the guides and the gauchos. Being our first time in beautiful Argentina we felt we were treated like close friends. My sincere thanks for the hospitality and all of the excitement of our hunt. We look forward to another trip.
John Cogswell - Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

If heaven is not this good I am not going! Awesome hunt! Thank you so much.
Dick Engel - USA

Thanks for everything!. This experience was amazing, the place is gorgeous, the staff is extremely accommodating and fun, the variety of animals is incredible and each day was exciting and invigorating!. The ride in the mountains was probably my favorite part. I hope to come visit you again soon.
Jack & Crystal Frost – Alaska, USA

I had a great trip, saw many animals and accommodations were great! This was my first trip to Argentina and will definitely return. The staff was top and my guide taught me a lot about the culture, the gauchos, their history and that of this beautiful land. Look forward to seeing you all again.
Rich Nibblok - USA

What a beautiful place. The land is tough but good to us all. Plenty of animals and with views that will be some of my most found memories. Thank you.
Dale Karch – USA

A great time, lots of stags, rocks and many other animals. Great food & hospitality! Good luck!
Bill Gartland - USA

I have a new respect for the red stag a tough, smart and elusive animal. The hunt was very memorable. Larry Pulkrabek – USA

An absolutely fantastic trip! The hunting was superb and having the family here to enjoy it made it much nicer. Can’t wait until the return trip! Henry Revelle – Winton, North Carolina, USA

 As always, Marian and I are overwhelmed by your grace, your gentle skill and your thoughtful friendship. A friendship we value.
Patrick Dolan & Marian Mc Clelan

  Thank you so much for a wonderful time. The staff was terrific. We specially appreciated the Cheff. We had a wonderful time and hit some animals. For my first time I was duck hunting – it was good and so was the dove shooting, best than I have been on. This part of Argentina is amazingly beautiful in a strange way, everyday was an adventure. We are so glad we come, you have taken good care of us.
Charles & Lisa Barr - Louisville, Kentucky

 Thank you for the privilege of hunting with you at your places. Acelain is truly a lovely and historic part of Argentina. I value greatly the opportunity to hunt buffalo with my bow. All the staff, facilities and food were outstanding. The greatest compliment that I can give is that I will return to bowhunt again with you.
Jan Seski MD – Pennsylvania

 Thank you for making our first trip to Argentina such a memorable experience. The food and accommodations were wonderful, the service top notch. We enjoyed meeting Marina and the kids. They are all charming. You have a beautiful country to be proud of.
Richard & Judy King. Montana. May 2007

 Wonderful time, excellent service and animals. I will recommend you to everyone. Juan did an excellent job. He is a very skilled hunter. I can not say enough about your operation. Thank you very much and God bless you.
Robert Commers - Minnesota, USA

 I cannot begin to say enough. What a fantastic adventure, the game, the hunting, food and service, all outstanding. I can´t wait to return with my wife Alicia so she can enjoy the great hunting as well. Many thanks to you and your staff. See you soon!
Wayne Gregrory - Charleston, South Carolina, USA

 Bob & Valerie Brandau are the ones that talked us into coming to Argentina and we are very happy they did. Hunting is an excuse for us to go to new places, experience new situations and meet new people. Spending time with you and your family was very special. Your parents made us feel like we have been friends for years. I am sure it won´t be the last time that Joyce and I visit you. Please thank your staff for making our stay comfortable and our hunting an experience that will leave on in our memories.
Mike & Joyce Christianson. Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

 We had a great vacation at your estancias. Good company, good hunting, good horses. Looking forward to another Argentine adventure. Hope to keep in contact in the future. You and Eber are always invited to stay with us in Arizona (or maybe Montana). Argentina is a beautiful country and you have put together a wonderful and fun vacation for our family.
Howard, Ruth, Taylor & Jaime Varner. Arizona, USA

 This ranch is a paradise for bow hunting. The game density and trophy quality is excellent. I spend to two hours crawling over 300 yards in order to get a nice stag at 31 yards. The guide was great and determined to get me close. He did. This is a place all bow hunters will love.
Neil Summers - Oregon, USA. Bowhunting Safari Consultants

 Thank you for letting me experience my first bow hunt in your very special piece of heaven. You and your entire staff have treated us first class and I want to say: thanks from the bottom of my heart. Until we meet again, many very healthy and happy days ahead. Let me not forget Juan, a perfect and genuine gentleman. Thank you and God bless you!
Jeff Cogswell - Worcester, MA, USA