Guest Book


Like every year, just perfect.
Vallois Group – France

A great hunt, all hands excellent. Lots of game, maybe I will see you again.
Gene Peterson - Helena, Montana, USA

Thanks so much for a wonderful hunt at both ranches. Steve and I had a most enjoyable time and will be back to do it all over again. What an experience to hear and watch the fallow deer during their rut. I loved being able to get a buffalo. The guys really enjoyed the wing shooting. Dear friends we will return!
Rhonda & Steve Tylinski - Cascade, Montana, USA

This has been a most wonderful experience. Each moment will be etched into memory forever. Your hospitality is overwhelming, the staff brilliant and the food also fabulous. Our time here has been even better because we have been able to share our adventure with our family.
Christine & Larry Taylor – Platsville, Ontario, Canada

Once again here with same pleasure for all of us. Just perfect!
Groupe Vallois – Paris, France

We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful hunt & vacation. We had a great shot even the weather was awful. The food was spectacular in everyway and we really enjoyed it as well as the quality wines & drinks. You know how to put on a good show. Thank you for being such a good host. We look forward to seeing you back at SCI and future hunts.
Wendy & Irvin Barnhart – Huston, Texas, USA

A Moorish castle and a lovely wonderful German designed park; a water buffalo and many birds! Lots of pleasure and marvelous memories! Heartfelt thanks for your friendly and generous welcome.
Aimery Langlais – Geneve Switzerland

I will have many memories I will carry for my lifetime. The different hunting properties are all unique and full of game. We are very happy we choose Cerro Indio for our first trip to Argentina. Gonzalo and the staff have been great hosts. The food and “Quilmes”, my favorite beer, were always flowing. Estancia Acelain is a wonderful piece of history. I enjoyed the time with your kids and wife. Chasing pigs on horseback with dogs and knives was first!
Rod Fogle   – Colville, Washington, USA

What an elegant place and a unique experience. Lovely hosts made an exquisite week. Muchas gracias!
Richard Bennett - San Antonio, TX

What a magical spot! Great trip, great fun, great friends. Many thanks.
Forrest Bowman - San Antonio, Tx

The place is wonderful! Your hospitality to match. Ready to come back.
Joe Chapa Jr.

 What a great hunt, food, people. I will be back.
Barry Bowman - Greenwood Village, Colorado

These four days have been some of the most memorable days of our lives. Thank you so much for the hospitality. Hope to see you again soon.
Bracken Walden & Matt Uzzell

 This vacation I had with my family this summer was the best experience I ever had. Your hospitality and kindness was above and beyond my expectations. You made this vacation unforgettable.
Daniel Campbell – New Orleans, Louisiana

 Truly amazing is the only way for our family to describe our stay. Thank you for your hospitality. The staff was amazing. I am truly touched by the way each of you have cared for our family. William & Joseph cannot wait to come back. Daniel had an amazing birthday and will be back to finish his diamond. My husband enjoyed the ducks and my mother also did. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Much love.
Elizabeth, Edward, Daniel, Joseph & William
“The Campbells” - New Orleans, Louisiana

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and unique paradise with us. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that seemed surreal. It will never be forgotten. The hunting, the castle, grounds, history, service and great food was breathtaking. Thanks again for the everlasting memories.
Stuart Bittleston, Casper, WY
Lory Swenson, Casper WY
Tracy Sherrill, Phonenix, Arizona
Dave Bierman, Phoenix, Arizona

 We cannot begin to tell how much we have enjoyed your stay here with all of you. We took a gamble in our first hunting adventure out of the states and … Boy, what a playoff! The hunting was incredible, even for the non hunters, the food was awesome and the people were truly amazing. We definitely plan on visiting again. Thank you for everything.
Jerry, Sue & Sam Hellebush – Washington

A first class hunt with first class hosts.
John Wheler

I am fortunate to be able to experience this adventure with my three sons. This is a trip and experience that I know they will remember, and hopefully they can share with their children, just like I was fortunate enough to share with my father. They all love to hunt, and this interest was set on me by my father. This Estancia provides the perfect place to set our bonded relationship. The duck hunting was as good a I have ever experienced. The service was perfect. Thanks.
Rick, Guy, Jackson & Rick Wren III. Ashville, North Carolina. June 2007

Excellent hunting as usual. Cerro Indio Safaris is certainly the best hunting company in Argentina today. Merci beaucoup.
Eric de Lucy – Martinique

Thanks so much for these excellent shooting days. This is a real quality hunting experience. It’s been magnificent and I hope I will return next year.
Benoit Le Cesne – Martinique

Thanks for a good time and the great food.
Bernie Mignon - USA

Thank you so much for a great time.
Emma Andersen – Newhamburg, Ontario, Canada

This was so fun! We did a lot of things and the castle was so cool. We were able to see almost every animal at the ranch.
Dylan Taylor – Joll – Winton, North Carolina, USA

Ray and I had such a wonderful experience at your estancia! Every second was perfect (guest house, food, staff, hunting, relaxing and all). Your family was lovely. The Castle is so great, many thanks for sharing it with us. Ray being an architect appreciated every detail.
Ray & Peggy Bailey – Huston, Texas, USA

Thank you for opening your world to Mattie and me. It has been an experience we will remember forever. Hospitality at Estancia Acelain has shown us new horizons. Our trip to Argentina will be fondly remembered.
Bob & Mattie Gaston –Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

We had an amazing trip! This has been one of my favorite trips ever. The hospitality is second to none, the food has been incredible and Gonzalo & Juan have been the best hosts.
Sara Revelle – Winton, North Carolina, USA

An absolutely fantastic trip! The hunting was superb and having the family here to enjoy it made it much nicer. Can’t wait until the return trip!
Henry Revelle – Winton, North Carolina, USA

We spent a wonderful time. Many thanks.
Reagan Huston - San Antonio, Tx

Thank you for a great time at this magnificent place. We will be back.
Tibaut Bowman - Campo Verde, Tx

We had a great time and an unbelievable duck shoot, the service, the food, everything was wonderful.
Tommy Dugger

My experience on this, my 5th trip to Argentina was beyond outstanding. I decided to bring my wife & three of my five sons after much discussion in Reno. My friends Al Burlando & Vito Cardinale among others had recommended you. Don Causey’s Hunting Report describes the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I will be writing him a letter to recommend a new category, the Superb!!! Everyone has treated me and my family, including my mother-in-law has been awesome. My 15 year old son took six wonderful trophies and is waiting for 2010 to complete his SCI South American Diamond. My mother-in-law who had never shot a gun before loved her boar and the duck hunt. My wife of course loved it. I will be back many times.
Edward Campbell – New Orleans, Louisiana

Thanks for a great trip and a great hunting. All of the crew really worked hard for us and it has been an honor and a privilege to be guests on this beautiful place.
Ken Swaim - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Wow!!! What can I say? Even on the way out the door we all can’t stop laughing. This trip has been unforgettable … the hunting, the horseback riding, polo playing, Spanish lessons and everything in between.
Molly Sherrill - Phoenix, Arizona

Juan thanks for just a great duck hunting time. It will never be forgotten. I look forward to another trip in the future.
Rick Felts

Thanks for a memorable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. The quality of the operation is outstanding and so is the level of organization you exhibit.
Mike Harlan

This was an experience that will last a lifetime. Words cannot explain the beauty of the ranch experience you have provided. The hunting was beyond belief. This was by far the best hunting & wingshooting I have ever experienced. Great job! These memories will always be cherished.
Marty - Topeka, Kansas

Unbelievable experience. Could not ask for better hosts, food, service and of course, the hunting. I cannot wait to return next year.
Tyson Hale - Kerrville, Tx

I truly enjoyed the hospitality and the shooting was great.
Ben Mueller - Sugerland, Tx

Gonzalo: David and I thank you so much for such an outstanding duck hunting experience. The food and accommodations were excellent. You and your staff were very gracious in taking care of all our needs. Your ranch is beautiful. We did not know where we were going. Hopefully we can come back in the future and big game hunt as well.
John Good. South Carolina. June 2007

I have hunted in a lot of places, seen a lot of things but I have never seen an outfit that has a better service. All have done more than I ever expected. I have really appreciated the pure sincerity of all the people. The hunting has been great but the service surpasses the hunting. You should be proud, your company is exceptional.
Steve Harlan