The Team


Gonzalo Llambi

is the founder of the company. He has a degree in agricultural sciences but a long time ago he became a Professional Hunter. He started sport hunting at an early age in “Acelain”, his family’s Estancia. There he learnt important skills from local “gauchos” that taught him the secrets of the game, the woods and the land.

He plays polo since he was a kid and before founding Cerro Indio Safaris he did it professionally, with great success, both in Argentina and abroad.

Finally, the call from the deer, rutting deep in the woods and valleys was stronger and before his second daughter was born he decided to dedicate his entire life to his main passions: hunting & family.

Juan J. Perez Mouriz

used to spend lots of time at his family’s ranch in the north-eastern province of Corrientes, where his love for the outdoors life and nature grew, while he was taught to ride horses and to hunt.

He studied international trade and was deeply involved in the edition and publication of numerous books and magazines on hunting.

He used to be the Manager of the Argentina Chapter of Safari Club International while working as a free lance PH for Cerro Indio Safaris. Later on, he left SCI and started working full time for the company, acting as a PH during the hunting season and taking care of a good portion of the office work during the off season periods.

Franco Pianzola

grew up amongst hounds, shotguns and rifles. He accompanied his father on his wing shooting and big game hunting trips since he could barely walk. After finishing school he left the City of Tandil, where he was born and moved to La Plata to study tourism. As soon as it was possible for him, he went back to Tandil, and founded his own tour operation in the city. By the same time he started collaborating with Cerro Indio Safaris.

Although Franco has just turned his thirty, he has a vast hunting experience and has now worked as a free lance PH for Cerro Indio Safaris during the last 6 years.

Tonny Zovich

always has a very contagious optimism and a terrific sense of humor, probably because he has organized his life in a way that allows him to hunt all year round, both for himself and as a PH. Long time ago he sold a successful business because it was stealing a lot of his hunting time.

The big game hunting or the wing shooting have no secrets for him. In Argentina, he has hunted for every single species you can name or think about. He has been in contact with Cerro Indio Safaris for many years and he has been working as a PH for big game and for doves, pigeon and partridge in the northern province of Santiago del Estero.

Roberto Zovich

is a very complete outdoorsman, he loves fly fishing and he has done it in many different places in the world. His other passion is wing shooting being himself an excellent and generous shot, always willing to help others by correcting little mistakes that makes them improve a lot. He is based in the northern province of Santiago del Estero and he is Cerro Indio Safaris’ fly fishing responsible expert.