Santiago del Estero 

Santiago del Estero, is a northern province of Argentina. The weather here is warm and dry, with very few inches of rain a year. Most of the farming is based on artificial irrigation and this seems to be more than enough for the millions of doves that inhabit the area.

After maintaining dove hunting and fly fishing operations in Santiago del Estero for many years and studying the different possibilities of the area, an important decision was taken and the lodge was finally built in a piece of land situated half an hour away from the Capital of the province and it airport.

Right in front of the lodge, doves fly all day long and only a few minutes away from there, there are other hunting and fly fishing areas.

This house was panned and designed to provide guests with an unforgettable stay, bearing in mind all the amenities and the aspects of comfort that are so common in the new structures.

After the strenuous dove shooting days, the lobby and the bar seem to be the perfect place for everybody to gather as they are always crowded with hunters, waiting for dinner time to arrive. The lodge also has five huge rooms with private bathrooms.


How do I get here?

You will enter to Argentina through Ezeiza International Airport, from there you will be transferred to Jorge Newberry domestic airport. Although there is not a very long distance between the two airports, to go from one to the other, you need to drive through the City of Buenos Aires. Sometimes this can take a long time, depending on the traffic and the time of the day.

Once you get to the domestic airport, you will take a commercial flight to your final destination, the City of Santiago del Estero where part of Cerro Indio Safaris team will be waiting for you and will drive you to the lodge.

If you are bringing your own shotguns with you, an assistant from Cerro Indio Safaris will be waiting for you upon arrival and will help you with their introduction to Argentina.