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Big Game

How we hunt

Most of our hunting is spot and stalk. We use vehicles mainly to move between areas and then we park at a convenient place and we start walking.

Our areas have woods, rolling hills and high hills so the landscape limits the use of motorized vehicles to the main roads. Any kind of vehicle use out from these pre-set roads is almost impossible.

Animal herds move freely and finding the correct individual is challenging. That’s why we move slowly, very slowly, we stop and glass a lot while we listen. Then, the process starts all over again walk, stop, glass & listen...

Trying to find the right mature specimen, one that has widely transmitted its genes to the herds and is being naturally replaced by younger and stronger individuals is challenging and requires the patience and the ethical strength to pass on many others that although very nice, may still have a lot to give to the herds.

Although this is how we do most of our hunting, we always have to adapt our actions to animal behavior and in some cases, and for determined species we hunt from blinds (popup and tree stands).