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Red Deer

The most desired spices in South America, the king of the hills. During the rut, their deep roars travel through the endless valleys.

Fallow Deer

A great complement to the red stag. During our autumn (March until May), it is possible to harvest both on rut.

Axis Deer

Together with the red stag and the fallow deer, this species completes the deer slam. Harvesting the three of them is a goal that deserves a great celebration.

Water Buffalo

One of the most challenging species in South America. A ton of muscles with no senses weakness. Great eyes, great hearing and a fantastic smell.

Wild Boar

The most hunted species in Argentina, finding the right mature boar requires patience and good luck.


The most elusive animal, for speed, eyesight and size. Living in big herds this beautiful antelope species offers extremely challenging hunting opportunities.

European Mouflon

From the ram family, this species has unique horns and its hunting is rated as exceptional.

Feral Goat

The spiraled conformation of its horns and the color of its fur makes this species highly appreciated.

Multihorned Ram

Unique! This is the only word that can define this animal which can be mostly be found with four horns although some individuals may grow three or five.

Hybrid Sheep

Long time ago brought in for commercial purposes, over the years individuals that turned loose grew outstanding horns that configurate great sporting trophies.