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Argentina has the best dove hunting in the world, period. Santiago del Estero is a north central province of Argentina.

The weather here is warm, dry and only receives a few inches of rain each year. Most of the farming is based on artificial irrigation and this seems to be more than enough for the millions of doves that inhabit the area.

The great amount of food available combined with warm weather provides doves with the perfect habitat and allows them to achieve outstanding reproduction rates.

Endless amounts of doves made our decision easy and after maintaining dove hunting and fly fishing operations in Santiago del Estero for many years and studying the different possibilities of the area, the lodge was finally built in a farming area situated half an hour away from the Capital of the province and it airport.

Right in front of the lodge, doves fly all day long and only a few minutes away there are more hunting areas.


This is the perfect combination for an enjoyable dove hunt. After the great amount of shooting, slowing down and trying for pigeon is a must. Every hunter that has done this has asked for more.