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We work for a sustainable human interaction between Wildlife & Habitats.
At Cerro Indio Safaris we care about the future generations and the legacy they will receive.
At Cerro Indio Safaris we say: "Hunting is the best scientifically proven conservation tool"

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Nashville, TN | February 22-25, 2023
Booth #2015 & #2017

Dallas, TX | January 5-8, 2023
Booth #1480

Big Game Argentina

Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Blackbuck, European Mouflon, Feral Goat, Multihorned Ram, Hybrid Sheep, Capybara.

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Big Game Chile

Red Deer & Fallow Deer.

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Comments from some guests you may know


Gary Bogner (SCI Past President) - Florida, USA
“Thank you for a wonderful adventure and for all the success we had but more importantly, for the new friendships. All of you make this a wonderful place and we wish you all, health, happiness and a lifetime of great adventures. God bless”
With over five decades of hunting experience, Gary has become one of the most successful bow hunters in the world. After traveling to six continents, 125+ countries to hunt for 125 species of big game, Gary received the SCI World Bow Hunter’s Hall of Honor Award. In March 2002 the US House of Representatives recognized and presented Gary as the International Ambassador of Bow Hunting.
Tom Miranda – Ohio, USA

FIRST VISIT (Argentina) “Wow! Beautiful country! Estancia Fantastic!! Food Amazing!!! and the hunting AWESOME. I had an amazing time with Gonzalo & Juan, Cerro Indio Safaris is top notch, Bowhunting Paradise. Buffalo, Wild Boar, Red Stag, Feral Goat & Wild Ram (Archery Only)."

SECOND VISIT (Argentina) "Brothers! As always a great time in Argentina. This was the time to add to what I harvested in 2014. All this was archery only and is on video for TV! No doubts Cerro Indio Safaris is the best."

THIRD VISIT (Chile) "Now Chile! Incredible scenery and unbelievable Red Stag. Service and lodging are top. Another amazing bowhunting adventure with Cerro Indio Safaris on video and for TV!"

Television producer, host, trapper and adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda is no stranger to outdoorsmen. Miranda went full draw on over 70 big game animals on six continents to complete and receive his World Hunting Award Ring.
Ricardo Longoria – Texas, USA
“Gonzalo, every time I hunt with you is a great experience! Thanks.”
Ricardo Longoria has been a sportsman his entire life and he has had the opportunity to bowhunt on six continents, collecting a wide variety of big game species. He especially enjoys the challenge of bowhunting at high altitudes for sheep and goats as well as bowhunting for a variety of dangerous game animals, including Africa’s “Big Five” and many the world’s “Wild Oxen” and “Predators”. All this passion and dedication made him receive his SCI World Conservation & Hunting Award.
Leon & Kathy Munyan – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
“Thanks for a great hunt and hospitality. The staff is the best and the food fabulous, cannot say enough on the quality and friendliness.”
Leon has taken more than 240 different species of animals, with 204 species that rank in the Top 10 for their weapon category. All of Leon's species have been taken with alternative weapons and he is the first hunter to achieve SCI’s top award, the "World Conservation Award" without any species taken with a rifle!
Together with his family, Leon founded the Museum where there is an exhibit of species collected by him, and his daughters, Käthe and Danell. The museum contains 347 exhibits.
Wendy & Irv Barnhart – Texas, USA
“Gonzalo we cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful vacation & hunt. We had a great shot although the weather was awful. The food was spectacular in every way. We enjoyed the typical argentine food and drinks. Thank you for being such a great host.”
Irvin made 81 trips to Africa, hunted six continents and loved to hunt birds and big game in South America. In 1991, he married Wendy who became a very accomplished hunter in her own right. Irvin began his collection of birds that he hunted from all over the world. They loved hunting the world together.
He won all of the major SCI hunting awards and in 1993 was presented the prestigious Weatherby Foundation International Award. Irvin's passion was not just hunting. His philanthropic efforts were focused on conservation and preservation. He was a member of over 40 conservation organizations and a strong contributor to their preservation efforts.
Victor Zeni - Pensilvannia, USA
“Gonzalo, Juan and staff, I had the time of my life. Gonzalo is a great guide and companion. The service and the hunting was everything that was promised. Gonzalo is a man of his word and above all he is a Gentleman. We had fun!”
Relatively few people get to travel the world in search of big game, and fewer still do it well. But that's what Zeni's done. He grew up fishing, and shooting his bow. Zeni has hunted from Australia to Bulgaria to Africa to Spain and South America. He did it well enough to not only make the record books but earn some special recognition. “Victor E. Zeni is the first archer to take the ‘African Dangerous Seven,' with all of the trophies ranking in the top 10” and in 2014 he won the Magnum Ullmann Award for his European Big Game Trophy Animals.
Jack & Crystal Frost – Alaska, USA
“Thanks for everything! This experience was amazing, the place is gorgeous, the staff is extremely accommodating and fun, the variety of animals is incredible and each day was exciting and invigorating!. The ride in the mountains was probably my favorite part. I hope to come visit you again soon.”
Frost is the first archer to have taken and recorded in the P&Y records at least one of each of the NA 29. And was the first bowhunter to take all four species of NA wild sheep. He has hunted all of the continents and has served on the NBEF board for over ten years. He has also served on the Pope and Young Club Board of directors and is the Legislative Vice President for the Alaskan Bowhunters Association. He has been an instructor of the IBEP Course in Alaska for over 20 years.
Razor & Sylvia Dobbs (Razor Dobbs Alive TV), Texas – USA
“What an experience we had here! Words and pictures cannot describe this majestic place. Thank you all for the wonderful hospitality and friendship. The hunting was excellent as well and this trip will always be a great memory for us. Many blesses to all at Cerro Indio Safaris.”
Razor Dobbs is considered one of the most passionate hunters on television. The blood that runs through the veins of hunter Razor Dobbs is full of vibrant emotion and intense passion. Razor’s award winning television series “Razor Dobbs Alive” is in its eighth season. Razor is recognized for being one of the most talented pistol hunters on the planet; being the first person to kill an African Cape Buffalo with a 10mm auto pistol, (Razor has killed two Cape buffalo with the 10mm auto pistol).
Mark & Karen Hampton – Summersville, Missouri, USA
“We had an outstanding time with you! Thank you for the terrific time and excellent hospitality, it was perfect, couldn’t have been better! We hope to hunt with you again.”
His adventures have long been featured in GUNS Magazine and his “Handgun Hunting” column in American Handgunner where readers have come to regard him as the resident big-game hunting expert. It’s a passion for seeing wild places that has landed him on six continents, almost thirty African safaris and over 200 species of exotic game. When he’s not hunting abroad, he and his lovely wife, Karen, enjoy working (and of course hunting) on their farm in Texas County.
Mike & Joyce Christianson (SCI Past VP) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

FIRST VISIT “Hunting is an excuse for us to go to new places, experience new situations and meet new people. Spending time with you and your family was very special. Your parents made us feel like we have been friends for years. I am sure it won´t be the last time that Joyce and I visit you. Please thank your staff for making our stay comfortable and our hunting an experience that will leave on in our memories."

SECOND VISIT "Every time Joyce and I come, you and your family make us feel like we belong here. This year hunting stags in the roar has been an experience that I wish more hunters could experience. Also having lunch with your extended family was a great send off. Joyce and I will be back again! Thanks again.”

Mike has been bowhunting for all of his life and has been very involved with SCI. Over the years, his hunting passion has opened him the gates to achieving some of the most important SCI Awards such as the World Hunting Ring and the Zenith and the Fouth Pinacle.
Neil Summers - Oregon, USA Bowhunting Safari Consultants
“This ranch is a paradise for bow hunting. The game density and trophy quality is excellent. I spend to two hours crawling over 300 yards in order to get a nice stag at 31 yards. The guide was great and determined to get me close. He did. This is a place all bow hunters will love. Another trip, another success! Thank you again for your hospitality and for providing an outstanding hunting experience.”
Neil has been bowhunting extensively on six continents and in 27 different countries. During that time he has taken most of the big game species in North America and Africa; in addition many in Europe, Asia, South America and the South Pacific. In 1986, he founded Bowhunting Safari Consultants, a booking agency that organizes bowhunting excursions worldwide. His company puts clients together with the appropriate guide/outfitter and arranges the details for their hunting adventures. Neil’s personal commitment to “fair chase” bowhunting has driven the long-term goals for his company.